What’s happening at the Centre

The Comprehensive Cancer Imaging Centre is involved directly and indirectly in regular seminars and scientific meetings.
Details of these lectures and seminars may be found under the Lectures and Seminars menu or Events Calendar to the left, or by contacting the CCIC Project Manager, Richard Hocking.
If you are planning an event that you believe would be of interest to the Cancer Imaging community, and would like it detailed on these pages, please contact Richard Hocking.

News highlights
CCIC Researchers win Outstanding Paper Prize at the Photons Plus Ultrasound: Imaging and Sensing, SPIE BiOS 2011 Conference.

Photoacoustic tomography provides 3D images of superficial vascular networks with high spatial resolution, can be used to visualise the distribution of contrast agents, and is therefore suited to the study of the progression and treatment of human diseases in small animal models. In vivo photoacoustic images of subcutaneous tumours in mice were acquired over several days to monitor tumour growth and changes in the vasculature.

Through multiwavelength imaging and spectral analysis, differences in the oxygenation distribution across the tumour were measured. The results suggest that photoacoustic imaging could play a role in the development of new antiangiogenic therapies.

Media Information

The Comprehensive Cancer Imaging Centre is a collaboration between King’s College London and UCL. It is funded byCancer Research UK and the EPSRC, with additional contributions from the MRC and the DoH (England).