Facing criminal charges can be a challenging time. We want you to know that we will work hard for you. Our Hamilton area lawyers are skilled at getting successful results for you. Our lawyers know the Hamilton court system and are committed to being with you every step of the way. We dedicate our time to your rights and freedoms. With our legal team, you can be confident you have the best defence. We have secured successful outcomes for many clients in the Hamilton court system. Our law firm is recognized as a local leader in criminal law defence. We have the experience and expertise to handle any case, including assault, sexual assault, DUI, weapons and drug charges.

Professional Statement – A Strong Defence

When our Criminal Trial Lawyers agrees to act as defence council for an individual charged with a criminal offence, we realize it’s one of the most serious events in that person’s life. As such, we understand that only a fierce and unrelenting defence will achieve the results that are desired.

A responsible lawyer must clearly state his or principles, allowing clients to intelligently decide whether that lawyer is right for them.Our Criminal lawyers specializes in representing individuals and companies confronting the vast power of the government and law enforcement in matters of criminal law. We also provide counsel to those same individuals, corporations and firms facing the spectre of investigation.

A Collaborative Relationship

Our firm is dedicated to assisting those in the darkest hours of their lives, facing the possibility of losing family, fortune and/or freedom. Our strength lies in preparation, investigation and trial presentation, approaching each case with discretion and the utmost personal attention. Our associates have a collaborative relationship with our clients whom we encourage to actively participate in their defence by helping us gather information and organize it for their trial.

Experienced Counsel

Criminal Trial Lawyers has defended clients on the following charges:

Then you want a law firm that is backed by experience and expertise in the courtroom. You want the proven team of criminal defence lawyers Hamilton. We understand that with each criminal charge comes a minimum and a maximum sanction. If you go before the court without a lawyer by your side that is there for you then you are taking chances with your life and liberty. Entering a plea of guilty or not-guilty without adequate representation in court could be costly for you personally.

At Our Law Firm we offer a free, no obligation consultation. Why? Because we want to make sure that you have all the facts before you walk into a courtroom. We hope that you will choose us to represent you but if you don’t at least after your consultation you will have a better understanding of where things stand where your case is concerned.

Criminal charges are rarely simple to defence and are often complex even in the hands of a top criminal lawyer. Every criminal charge brings with us a wide variety of punitive sanctions. Most people don’t understand the law. This is why going to court without the right lawyer by your side could be detrimental.

In Hamilton, the lawyers at Our Law Firm never want to see someone enter into a plea deal that where they don’t truly understand the repercussions because they didn’t obtain a lawyer. We believe that our proven success in the courtroom, and attention to detail and to our clients’ needs make us the right lawyer for you.

Our goal is to bring you the best representation possible for your case. Every client is different so our approach to each case is different. With multiple offices throughout Western Ontario, there is a location near to you.