Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious offence and is any use of physical or sexual force, actual or threatened, by your partner or ex-partner, relatives, same-sex partners, children and parents. Being married does not make a person immune to crimes of stalking, harassing, pushing, threatening, and hitting another person. It also includes threats to harm children or other members of a family.

Domestic violence may be a one-time occurrence but often times is a pattern. Sometimes the events may be rather minor at first glance, but when considering the big picture, add up to make a pattern of abuse. A good defense lawyer may be able to convince the Crown that this was a one-off incident.

Domestic Violence and Assault Lawyer

A wide range of circumstances can lead to a domestic assault charge. They can happen during the middle of marital breakdown, or as part of a long-standing pattern of disputes or allegations of violence. Sometimes they happen in connection to alcohol or drug use, and may be caused by an argument that spirals out of control.

Charges may also involve threats and mischief to property.

Because of the wide variety of situations, our clients have a wide variety of needs. Some wish to return to their homes and families as soon as possible. Others want to end the relationship, or protect themselves from getting a criminal record.

At our law firm, we get to know the individual situation and the needs of our clients when discussing their options and proposing solutions.

Dealing With The Charge

When you come to us, we will discuss a number of issues, including:

  • The facts of the case: The events surrounding a spousal abuse charge often happen quickly and witnesses may have very different versions of what happened. It’s important to get your side of the story out, but telling it to the police without a lawyer present is never a good idea. Let us listen to your side, and tell it in a way that will not get you into even more trouble.
  • Family disruption: Your alleged victim may be just as upset as you, may want to drop the charges, and may need counselling. The family may be disrupted by No Contact orders. If your priority is to get the family back together, we will work to deal with your charges as quickly as possible.
  • Anger management and counselling: Sometimes a solution may involve going to anger management therapy, or getting counselling. We will help you connect to possible therapists, especially if therapy can help us deal with the charges against you.

How we approach your domestic violence charge will depend on your goals and the evidence against you, especially if your charges also include sexual assault or weapons charges.

Depending on your case and your needs, we can go to court to fight to clear your name, and aggressively cross-examine witnesses, or accept a plea in order to get you back to your family. It all depends on you.

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We have an individual approach to every case and this is another major factor for our success. Your counselor and everyone on our team will work devotedly even after hours to give you the best service. We are always available to answer your questions and to provide support. You will receive complete guidance and great confidence boost. Hamilton Criminal Lawyers will be by your side and fight passionately to yield the result that you want.

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