Resources at the Centre

The scientists at the CCIC have access to a wide range of high quality, specialised research facilities.


Pre-clinical PET

1 x Small animal PET
Clinical PET

4 x PET-CT
Pre-clinical MRI

9.4T MRI; 3T clinical MRI with pre-clinical imaging coil; 2 x 9.4T horizontal bore MRI system
Clinical MRI

1.5T and 3T clinical MRI with 32 channel technology; 3 x 1.5T, 2 x 3T
Other Pre-clinical

Multiphoton FLIM; Endoscopic confocal; In-house PET-MR; Photoacoustic imaging; Ultrasound; 2 Photon; Fluorescence Microscopy
Other Clinical

7 x SPECT-CT; 3 x SPECT; XMR for neurosurgery; Integrated CT and ultrasound with interventional facilities; Radionuclide therapy beds

Physical Sciences


Cyclotron, research radiochemistry labs, data analysis; Nanoparticle imaging; X-ray diffraction grating imaging

GMP Cyclotron and radiochemistry; GMP Radiopharmacy and cell labelling