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The Comprehensive Cancer Imaging Centre relies for its success on the wide range of expertise present in the associated researchers. There are 33 Principle and Co-Investigators, the Centre directly employs over 30 researchers, students and support staff, and there are a great many collaborators working with us in all aspects of the Centre.

Centre Staff

Principle and Co-Investigators

Researchers and Support Staff

Dr Simon Ameer-Beg
Dr Margaret Ashcroft
Professor Paul Beard
Professor Richard Begent
Professor Phil Blower
Professor Chris Boshoff
Professor Kerry Chester
Professor Ton Coolen
Dr Michael Douek
Professor Peter Ell
Dr Paul Ellis
Dr Adam Gibson
Dr Alan Green
Dr Helen Hailes
Professor Steve Halligan
Professor Dave Hawkes
Professor Brian Hutton
Dr David Landau
Dr Mark Lythgoe
Professor Paul Marsden
Dr Tim Meyer
Dr Greg Mullen
Professor Tony Ng
Dr Mike O’Doherty
Professor Quentin Pankhurst
Professor Barbara Pedley
Professor Sarah Pinder
Professor Arnie Purushotham
Professor Michele Saunders
Professor Tobias Schaeffter
Dr Susan Short
Dr James Spicer
Dr Alethea Tabor
Professor Tarek Yousry
Dr Maggie Cooper
Dr Louise Enfield
Dr Kjell Erlandsson
Dr Gilbert Fruhwirth
Dr Christina Gewinner
Mr Richard Hocking
Dr Yan Jiao
Dr Jan Laufer
Dr Katherine Lawler
Ms Cristina Naceur Lombardelli
Dr Jamie McClelland
Dr Nick Mitchell
Dr Simon Poland
Dr Vin Rajkumar
Dr Arunabha Roy
Dr Debashis Sarker
Dr Karen Shaw
Dr Simon Walker-Samuel
Dr Amanda Weeks
Ms Natalie Woodman



Dr Simon Ameer-Beg

Randall Division of Cell & Molecular Biophysics

King’s College London


Short Biography

BSc. (Hons) Laser and Laser Physics, University Of Essex,1993.

MSc. Physics of Laser Communications, University Of Essex, 1994.

PhD (Physics/Chemistry), University of Central Lancashire, 1999.

Post Doctoral Researcher: Gray Cancer Institute, 2000-2006.

Non-Clinical Lecturer: King’s College London, 2006 onwards.


Selected References

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Dr Margaret Ashcroft

Department of Metabolism and Experimental Therapeutics

Division of Medicine




Short Biography

Reader in Cancer Biology


Selected References




Professor Paul Beard

Department of Medical Physics and Bioengineering