Car theft is a very prevalent crime across our nation and needs to be stopped. Auto theft is considered the attempt to take or the actual stealing of a motor vehicle that does not belong to you. Automobile theft not only causes a problem for the owner of the car, but also causes many economic problems. This form of theft can also be extremely dangerous if the thief who steals the vehicle decides to drive recklessly, which is often the case.

Even though we have law enforcement that is out there trying to put a stop to these devastating crimes, there are many things that we as citizens can look for and do to help prevent automobile theft. Being able to identify the methods that car thief’s use to steal automobiles and the reasons why they steal them will help you defend your vehicle from a criminal act.

You should know to never leave your keys in your car, but some people have decided that this is okay, for some reason. Leaving your keys in your car is basically like handing them over to the criminal and telling him, “Enjoy!” A related scenario is leaving your car unlocked, or even hiding another set of car keys somewhere within your vehicle. These are among the worst things you can do, because you are practically waving a flag and telling people to steal your car.

If you think that any of those car security devices work, you should look into the facts. Items like the club steering wheel lock or the brake pedal lock are ineffective because professional thieves can take a saw to your steering wheel or brake pedal. Yes, this may take some time, but sometimes these crooks have all the time in the world to get their work done. Think about how much time you spend at work without going to your car. Using an audible car alarm is also a bad idea for several reasons. For one, you are contributing to noise pollution, and honestly, they do not work. All they do is make a lot of noise, but if you are in a building, you may not hear it until it is too late.


Stop Thieves In Their Tracks

For best theft and all-weather protection, you need a custom car cover. A custom-fit product is cut and sewn from a precise pattern made exactly for your vehicle, not just the basic shape and size. They fit ever curve and nuance like a glove. Even the small details, like mirror pockets to tight fitting elastic are seen to so the fit is snug and tight. Plus, they sew in locking grommets with extra reinforcement so you can use a locking cable. Simply put, it’s too much effort for most thieves to bother with and they will pass you by.